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Rainbow Meteor

Rainbow Meteor is a challenging arcade game where you can choose from a variety of characters and use their abilities to hit or dodge meteors based on their color. Hit brown, blue and ice meteors. Dodge grey, yellow, fire and lightning meteors. Special attacks work on any type of meteor. Rainbows can change the color of meteors. Getting hit by or hitting/dodging the wrong meteors results in losing HP/hit points and allowing your HP to reach zero will result in game over. Rainbow Meteor is a hard game that challenges and tests your ability to recognize and react consistently at a very high speed.

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Hardai Games is an indie game studio that is dedicated to making hard games that consist of smart and challenging AI(Artificial Intelligence). Some of the main factors that can make a game hard include having to utilize a substantial and deep level of thinking(create complex strategies, solve difficult problems/puzzles, analyze and remember important details) and having to consistently utilize a high level of skill(fast reactions/reflexes, accurate execution). Making difficult games is imperative to Hardai Games’ mission because games that are very hard bring out the best in a player’s skill, brain power, intelligence and overall potential.